My Dream For my Future After School

    I have many dreams for what I want to become in the future, but if there’s one that I’m really thinking about is to be a mining engineer.

      One reason to why I want to become that just so bad is because, I just love the whole idea of it. I like the fact of finding places that we think will be good places to dig in, and just everything that is involved in the whole thing. I’m fascinated by this, and everytime I think about it, it makes me dream about it.

      Another reason would be that there is a lot of money that comes from this, and that I could greatly help my family financially if I was ever to be needed to, and overall could just let my family have some very fun holidays.

    The last reason would be that I could help my country Burkina Faso, in a lot of things such as gaining all the revenue from the mines that are in Burkina, and not have to share it to other countries, but only do it if we feel like it, or if we make a trade. After that I would help other african countries in also gaining the control over their territory and to get full revenue of their natural resources, just I would’ve done in Burkina.

      My focus is primarly to not be a politician, but to sort of let african countries get control over their lands, and that they can be the ones taking advantage of their natural resources. One more thing, that I think would be great, is that each country gains their own currency, because the CFA system, is really slowing us down, as we’re depending on another country and not only ourselves, but I believe that if given the chance we could be able to walk on our own feet, just as any other country in the world.

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  1. Hi Danny,
    I would love to have flipped this post, but it was hard to read as it wasn’t written in paragraphs. Maybe adding an image would also make the post more interesting for your visitors.

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