Genius Hour Reflection #2

We were told to pick a second idea for our genius hour, and that this time it didn’t have to really impact the world, and my mind immediately went to the one and only thing, that I’m truly passionate about, volleyball.

For my second genius hour, I researched who were the best spikers in the world as of now. I chose it not only because it’s something that I really, really, really want to know because I’ve been wondering but never wanted to do the research but now I had specific time to do just that, so it was really a win, win situation.

What I learned was that not only was Earvin Ngapeth, statistically the best spiker in volleyball, he was also seen as a the best in spiking for people such as experts and professional coaches, who I was able to talk to because of the twitter expert connect. It didn’t really help me grow as a person, but it helped me grow as a volleyball player because during the expert connect one of the people I followed was a coach and he posted videos about learning how to do certain things in volleyball, and it’s actually helped me become a better player.

A picture of me spiking the ball during Waisal.

What I did for my project did not really help the community or the world around me, and probably not most people around, but some people it did help because some people who were there during my presentation were also wondering the same question as me, so I found the answer for all of us. It also helped me, because it gave me tips on how to become a better blocker, or to have better spikes, and overall is something that I can display next year during the season. What I’ll learn in my next Genius Hour will help myself and some people around, because what I plan to research is something about motivation, what causes motivation, and how to get motivated.

To conclude this is my reflection on my Genius Hour #2 which overall went well, and wasn’t as hard because I knew the process, but the twitter expert connect part was kind of difficult.

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Nike. Air Force 1. Physical. The Sole Supplier. Sole Supplier. October 25, 2016.                    Internet. January 16, 2017.


Nike. Air Force 1. October 16, 2007. Creative Commons, Flickr.                  January 23, 2017. otolist-5Aq3R1-3qEuN3-72hsGX-6AkVEu-5WFyqs-5eR3RE-6c3hit-6xdW6W-5WFxrY-9xMtSj-6548qf-66FQPF-6xdXz3-7517Ty-652URb-5eR6cq-bNkN6X-5ZrCo8-5YoGyq-cgc1Ay-5YjrGz-5Y3KEw-6jdVUj-5Ydamp-64fEfX-5Yjqrp-ryBbu-5Yjp1v-bn2FoA-8zg33o-nzQj67-8yfb9z-5SfGCf-6pRfY3-9xJAY2-8sGR4e-9S8yTw-9S5DFM-b8TTJz-9S5DqX-nWhefq-A7sd2-6G4Nr9-jyEG6e-9S8yCL-8piEmp-9S8z8A-nVF8Z7-9S8z1S-9S5DiP

Reflection on Twitter Expert Connect

For the twitter expert connect, I looked for the people that looked more like they’d be willing to help me, and also those who look like they know about my subject.

I followed these next accounts for my expert connect, Volleyball Coaching, Coaching Volleyball, VB Coaching Wizards, At Home on the Court, JVA, Art of Coaching VB, Penuel Josh Barrina, Volleyball Metrics, Volleyscience, and Volleyball Toolbox. I picked all of these except one because of how their account looks, and how it looked like they knew what they were talking about, and one which I knew as our volleyball coach showed us to him from youtube.

These people relate to my genius hour project as they are coaches, experts, and authors about volleyball, and skills that will help you max out your potential and become a better overall volleyball player. I requested from them their opinion on who some of the better spikers were and which ones they thought were more dominant overall.

2015-11-21 MVB | UofA vs UMB Sangudo via Compfight

The way that I asked my questions were first by introducing myself, and the reason to why I was requiring information about who they think are the best spikers. This information would help me in my Genius Hour project as I had found the stats to prove who was “the better spiker”, but I needed opinion and out of 10 to see who in their opinion was the best.

2014 MVB MacEwan vs UofSask Sangudo via Compfight

For a result I wouldn’t say that it was exactly like how I planned. As before I asked the questions they were all very nice, and would consistently respond to my messages but, when it came to my questions only two responded, and one of them just favorited it. Basically all or most followed me back though, and most of their sites have a whole lot of information.

I unfortunately didn’t receive more assistance, barely any of them even responded out of the 10. I did continue the conversation with two of them, as they were sort of ping ponging me back and fourth, telling me to ask one other for more information, but they ended responding to all my questions, which was very helpful towards my Genius Hour.

There many ways in which this process can be used for school work in the future. This gets you information from people who are actually in the field of work, and are the middle of all these things. They know what they’re saying, and this is basically a primary source, as you’re hearing from that person head on. You could use this to gain knowledge from people online, just in case your teacher doesn’t have that much facts on what you’re working on, so you can find a lot more facts than you could from just searching online without knowing for sure if it’s a lie or not.

In conclusion, the twitter expert connect was a good experience as not only do you get to meet people you can also find information that you never knew about, and it’s just generally a good experience overall.

Where I’ve Traveled

Throughout my life, I’ve traveled to many places, and I found each place, just as interesting as the other, but there are places that I liked a bit more than the others, such as The Gambia, Canada, and Kenya. Those are some of my most beloved trips.

This is the hotel that I was in, in The Gambia. It’s an amazing looking hotel, and it was a place where I had a lot of fun and lived some of the best experiences in my life. Not only was it a place that I love spending my time, but its very interesting as the city all around. The restaurants are amazing and they have some of the best hotels that I’ve seen there.×460/408/40853186.jpg

This is the best hotel that I’ve been in. This was the Lord Nelson hotel in Canada, and it was a beautiful hotel, with some very nice decorations, and it made me feel like royalty. Even though I loved this place, I didn’t get to take advantage of it as much as I could’ve since I got sick, and was in bed for the most of the days, except on like the last four days, in a three week trip.

This is my most favorite hotel of all. This is a hotel in Saly Senegal, which is the best hotel I’ve been in for me. This hotel not only has sport activities at time around 3-4, and because of the buffets. There is a buffet for every single meal, and for also a brunch, and a snack. They have a bar that is open at all times, and if you have the wristband they give you, you can get a drink at all times. They also have shows every two nights, and its very interesting to watch. Overall, this is probably my favorite hotel from all the ones I’ve been to.

In conclusion, here are some of the few places I’ve traveled to, and my favorit hotel, in each of these places.


Volleyball Sporting Group

If there is to be any sporting group I could join later in my life, it would have to be volleyball.

I would pick a volleyball sporting group because I love volleyball. Volleyball is my favorite sport because I love everything that it has to do with and its very interesting to play it. I love the feeling you get after a nice hit or a nice block, and it feels much better when you win.

Another reason would be, that I love the stress involved in volleyball. It’s a very refreshing type of stress, like its annoying to feel in the moment, but it feels amazing when you’re able to ride the stress to have a great performance.

In conclusion if I was asked to pick a sport to join a group in, it would be volleyball because of the spiking, blocking, and the stress involved.

This is our volleyball team, I'm far right.

This is our volleyball team during Waisal in Ghana, I’m at the far right.

This is a picture of me spiking during a tournament in Ghana. P.S. I hit that straight down, three meter line.

This is a picture of me spiking during a tournament in Ghana. P.S. I hit that straight down, three meter line.

My Dream For my Future After School

    I have many dreams for what I want to become in the future, but if there’s one that I’m really thinking about is to be a mining engineer.

      One reason to why I want to become that just so bad is because, I just love the whole idea of it. I like the fact of finding places that we think will be good places to dig in, and just everything that is involved in the whole thing. I’m fascinated by this, and everytime I think about it, it makes me dream about it.

      Another reason would be that there is a lot of money that comes from this, and that I could greatly help my family financially if I was ever to be needed to, and overall could just let my family have some very fun holidays.

    The last reason would be that I could help my country Burkina Faso, in a lot of things such as gaining all the revenue from the mines that are in Burkina, and not have to share it to other countries, but only do it if we feel like it, or if we make a trade. After that I would help other african countries in also gaining the control over their territory and to get full revenue of their natural resources, just I would’ve done in Burkina.

      My focus is primarly to not be a politician, but to sort of let african countries get control over their lands, and that they can be the ones taking advantage of their natural resources. One more thing, that I think would be great, is that each country gains their own currency, because the CFA system, is really slowing us down, as we’re depending on another country and not only ourselves, but I believe that if given the chance we could be able to walk on our own feet, just as any other country in the world.

Genius Hour Project #1 Reflection

In tech class, we were required to find a project that we liked and that we would like to work on, and to see its impact on the world around us. For this genius the topic I researched, is to clean the streets and to let them become cleaner.

I chose that, as I thought that people would love the idea, as people seem to complain a lot on that Dakar overall is a bit dirty, and that the city would look much better if you there was to have people who actually go out there and work on cleaning the streets each day.

I learned that there was already some people in Senegal already overall who try to clean the city of Dakar but they’re not followed on well, and I also learned a lot of the ways people use to create some non-profit organizations and to make them really successful.

It helped me grow as a person, as it made me think that if a nice city like Dakar could be like this, I was wondering how the cities that are more on the outskirts, of the city and made me feel bad, because the conditions they live in could be much worse.

What I learned helped the world around me atleast, because it would’ve gotten the streets to become much more cleaner, and would help us make people stop complaining about how the streets look.

I think that what i’ll learn in the next Genius Hour, will help the world as I’m trying to let people become aware of the situation the talibes are being put in, and how to help them out of it.

In conclusion, this is what I think of my Genius Hour that I did, and the plan I have for my next genius hour.

Week 6 Commenting Game

For week 6, we commented on others peoples posts, in a game type way. I was able to see a lot of other peoples blogs from around the world, and found out things about people that I don’t know, which is the first step to friendship, getting to know them more. I hope that I can meet more amazing people in the next few weeks, and that my experience only gets better.

My Favorite Places in Dakar

In Dakar I have a lot of favorite places and two of them, is Saly and Saint Louis.

01 This is in Saint Louis and its a very nice hotel. I like Saint Louis, because you can learn so many things from there, and there is so much things to do.

dsc_9286_0 This is Saly, and its a very interesting place to be because, there’s a lot of things that you can do there, and its very fun.

Story about Landscape


It was a sunny day, when this sort of monument landed in downtown Burkina. We were all extremely surprised to what we could do about it, and if we could even do anything about it, except pray for it to leave. My friend and I had been talking for weeks and weeks about how we could get rid of it. We had ran into a problem, as he thought we should bomb it and get rid of it, when I thought that it was a much better idea for us to go inside and get rid of what ever was in there. We had gotten into a fight and both went our separate ways. The day I came in to execute my plan, when the base had announced that there was a bomb approaching but I was too far deep in to get out now….